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Willfully or unwillfully, a person is absorbed and eventually metamorphosed into transparency within the human-made world of structure, organization, ideology, and value. Society's current fixation with and acceleration of placing value on accomplishment, organization, honor, and material absorbs and disintegrates the natural being. This process is not dramatic but as slow and natural as dew gathering into a drop. A person believes he or she has become a distinctive being after gradually fading with self-wish and outer influence. 

This image is not transparent; rather, it is perhaps an opaque being. The vague expression needs to be removed to be completely transparent. When lifted, unneeded contamination brings crisp and shining transparency, but when the contamination clings to the being, it gradually fades away and is absorbed by the filth. 

It is different from natural transparency. This transparency means the gradual demise from dull to absorption to a world made with and by desire.

I look upon the being with suffering, conflict, empathy, and wonder… 


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Ancient Korean Paints on Korean Paper



A Person Walking With Hands in Pocket 

A Person Walking With Hands in Pocket 

We can’t just walk through life. We need to sprint. How hard, well, and efficiently we run is key. However, a very small gap begins to form. Walking speed declines when one’s hand is inside one's pocket. Slow down from a life of running and start thinking. An awkward stance between moving and stalling, yet seemingly still walking . . .

It is not “the right posture” to put one's hand in one’s pocket. It is a small act of rebellion against a life of compliance. This question leads to a hesitant but eye-opening revelation. Now I begin to comprehend becoming the transparenter. Confusion initiates. The being starts to divide. I walk while gazing at the shadow person striding ahead.

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